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Linux users of Victoria

This is the working wiki for Members of LUV and the committee.

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February 2014

LUV-Main Feb 04

  • Les Kitchen, Linux on non-Intel architectures.
  • Compilation of LCA videos

LUV-Beginners Feb 15

  • An Introduction to Slackware, by Lev Lafayette

March 2014

LUV-Main March 04

  • Colby Swandale, Vagrant
  • Suelette Dreyfus, Whistleblowers

LUV-Beginners March 15

  • An Introduction to Drupal, Daniel Jitnah

April 2014

LUV-Main April 01

  • Bianca Gibson, Preventing Volunteer Burnout
  • Russell Coker, Current Status of BTRFS

LUV-Beginners April 19

  • Terence Kemp, Tweaking the GNOME Desktop

May 2014

LUV-Main May 06

  • Russell Coker, Why I Hate OpenSSL and Heartbleed
  • Sean Crosby, CVMFS?

LUV-Beginners May 17

  • Wen Lin, Recent Developments and Extensions to LibreOffice

June 2014

LUV-Main June 03

  • Martin Paulo, Open Stack
  • Kevin Littlejohn, Docker/LXC

LUV-Beginners June 21

  • Deb Henry, MythTV

July 2014

LUV-Main July 01

  • Ronan McGlue, MySQL
  • Ewan Barr, Linux and the Square Kilometre Array

LUV-Beginners July 19

  • LUV Miniconf, Install Fest, and Chapter Establishment in Morwell.

August 2014

LUV-Main August 05

  • Bernard Meade, 3D Printing
  • Richard Keech, Linux on Raspberry Pi for monitoring and control in a sustainable house.

LUV-Beginners August 16

  • Daniel Jitnah, Options for GUI programming

September 2014

LUV-Main September 02

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Lightning Talks

LUV-Beginners September 20

  • Software Freedom Day

October 2014

LUV-Main October 07

  • Stewart Smith, A History of MySQL

LUV-Beginners September 20

November 2014

LUV-Main November 4

LUV-Beginners November 15

December 2014

LUV-Main December 2

LUV-Beginners December 20

  • Terry Kemp, The New OpenSuSE

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