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Linux users of Victoria

This is the working wiki for Members of LUV and the committee.

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Committee Members

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Talk Suggestions - Talk Offers

February 2014

LUV-Main Feb 04

  • Les Kitchen, Linux on non-Intel architectures.
  • Compilation of LCA videos

LUV-Beginners Feb 15

  • An Introduction to Slackware, by Lev Lafayette

March 2014

LUV-Main March 04

  • Colby Swandale, Vagrant
  • Suelette Dreyfus, Whistleblowers

LUV-Beginners March 15

  • An Introduction to Drupal, Daniel Jitnah

April 2014

LUV-Main April 01

  • Bianca Gibson, Preventing Volunteer Burnout
  • Russell Coker, Current Status of BTRFS

LUV-Beginners April 19

  • Terence Kemp, Tweaking the GNOME Desktop

May 2014

LUV-Main May 06

  • Russell Coker, Why I Hate OpenSSL and Heartbleed
  • Sean Crosby, Linux, LHC, and distributed file systems.

LUV-Beginners May 17

  • Wen Lin, Recent Developments and Extensions to LibreOffice

June 2014

LUV-Main June 03

  • Pop-up extra AGM to approve re-aligned financial statement and making mail archives public
  • Martin Paulo, OpenStack Heat
  • Kevin Littlejohn, Docker -- Containerize all the things!

LUV-Beginners June 21

  • Daniel Jitnah, was "Options for GUI programming", but might change.

July 2014

LUV-Main July 01

  • Lev Lafayette, Software and Innovation Patents
  • Ewan Barr, Linux and the Square Kilometre Array

LUV-Beginners July 19

  • LUV Miniconf, Install Fest, and Chapter Establishment in Morwell.

August 2014

LUV-Main August 05

  • Bernard Meade, 3D Printing
  • Richard Keech, Linux on Raspberry Pi for monitoring and control in a sustainable house.

LUV-Beginners August 16

  • Deb Henry, MythTV

September 2014

LUV-Main September 02

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Lightning Talks
    • Paul Foxworthy,
    • Daniel Jitnah, ICT Professionals in Schools Program
    • Andrew Pam Android
    • Mike Hewitt HPLIP

LUV-Beginners September 20

  • Software Freedom Day

Electron Workshop in North Melbourne with Free Software Melbourne

October 2014

LUV-Main October 07

  • Stewart Smith, A History of MySQL
  • Hank Content-centric networking

LUV-Beginners October 18

  • Wen Lin, Introduction to the Command Line

November 2014


LUV-Beginners November 15

  • Daniel Jitnah - GUI Programming in Linux

December 2014

LUV-Main December 2

  • Paul Foxworthy : Auprefs - My quest to rescue Australian democracy with 200 lines of Javascript

"Above the line" voting means your favourite political party can choose where preferences will be distributed, and you may not know (or like) their decisions. auprefs is an open source web application to visualise preference distribution in Australian elections, to better inform voters where their vote might go. Paul will talk about why he did it, and how it is implemented, including force-directed graphs and the amazing d3 Javascript graphing library.

Paul Foxworthy is an open source developer whose day job is working on Australianising and customising the Apache OFBiz ERP system. He is a committer to the OFBiz project and also currently serves as a director of Open Source Industry Australia. He is very pleased to have finally done something just possibly cool enough to give a LUV talk.

LUV-Beginners December 20

  • Terry Kemp, The New OpenSuSE

February 2015

LUV-Main February 3

LUV-Beginners February 21

  • Deb Henry, Other Options in Myth TV