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Linux users of Victoria

This is the working wiki for Members of LUV and the committee.

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Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Talks

Talk Suggestions - Talk Offers

September 2011

Beginners and SFD - Sat 17 - The Hub 12-7pm

  • Software Freedom!

October 2011

Intermediate/Advanced - Tue 4 - Trinity

  • Use of Linux at the Australian Astronomical Observatory - Tim Conners
  • (cancelled/postponed - What is BTRFS - Chris Samuel)

Beginners - Sat 15 - The Hub

  • Donna Benjamin — Inkscape introduction

November 2011

Intermediate/Advanced - Tue 8 (note Melbourne Cup, so meeting changes) - Trinity

  • Andrew Griffith - Drop it Like it's Hot

This talk will cover assorted things about privilege dropping on Linux systems, where things can/have gone wrong and how to identify programs that have failed to sufficiently drop their privileges. Additionally, this talk will cover per-thread uid/gid/capabilities and the pitfalls of that approach.. "Andrew Griffiths" <>

Beginners — Sat 19th - The Hub

  • Alex Garber — OpenShot

December 2011

Intermediate/Advanced - Tue 6 - Trinity

Beginners - Sat 17 - The Hub

  • Programming Tips, Tricks and Tools for Novices — Alec Clews
    • Summary:
      Learning to program can be a daunting activity. As well as learning a computer language there is a significant amount of other knowledge and information to absorb -- apparently much of it through osmosis. Additionally can also be very hard to organise your objectives and work to reach your end goal.

      This presentation will use real examples and demonstrations to cover some of these topics. Specific tools will be used as illustrations but the ideas will be applicable no matter what tool set is available.

    • Agenda:
      1. Issues with development: e.g. Bugs, tedium, never releasing working product
      2. Useful Processes and Ideas: User Stories, Test Driven Development, Minimal Viable Product
      3. Tools to support the programming process:
        1. Version Control
        2. Using a sophisticated editor. Editors vs. IDEs
        3. Automation of testing and other things
        4. Organising your code and Building software

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