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Library of LUV

What is LoL

Library of LUV is a collection of books available for loan to members.

How it works

All the books are always on loan. The LoLbooks page lists each of the books with its current borrower and a queue of people who want to read it. Books are exchanged at the monthly LUV meetings (and the Penguin Picnic, in January) — the person who has the book hands it on to the first person on the queue.

The details

How do I add myself to the queue?
Simply add your name to the end. Use three tildes ~~~ which will automatically put in your wiki username correctly formatted.
What if I can't edit the wiki page?
You need to login to the wiki before you can edit pages. Your wiki login is identical to the main LUV website login. If you don't have an account on the main website you can create one.
What if there isn't a queue?
Start one and message the person who has the book. Use the "E-mail this user" facility on their user page to message them. If that doesn't work, you could also try asking on the luv-main list.
How long are books loaned out for?
A month at a time. Make sure you bring them back to the next meeting (or the Penguin Picnic, in January).
What if I can't turn up to the meeting?
If you're in the queue as a borrower, you'll be skipped — the book will go to the next person down the list. If you currently have a book and there's a queue, try to get it to the meeting so that the people in the queue don't have to wait an extra month — perhaps you can send it via a friend?
What if nobody wants the book after me?
You get to keep it for another month. The same if none of the people in the queue turn up to the meeting. If you absolutely can't do that (you won't be able to make the next meeting), bring the book to the meeting and tell us and we'll figure something out.
Can I contribute books to the Library of LUV?
Sure! As long as they're relevant and appropriate (check with us if you aren't sure), we'd "luv" to have them! Simply print out the Library of LUV logo, glue it in inside the cover and add the book to the LoLbooks page as ready to be borrowed.